For Every Bespoke Cage Design The Most Imperative Point Is To Build It To YOUR Needs And To Regulations For The Specific Championship Or Series You Intend To Compete In, From There We Will Use Our Experience And Technology To Maximise Your Safety And Competitiveness. All The Cages We Design Meet MSUK K-Section Regulatory Standards As A Minimum, However Within This We Do Have Freedom As To Additional Members, Door Bar Style, Bar Configurations And Tube Diameters. Whether You Want A Bare-Minimum Light Weight Bolt In Cage To Satisfy The Regulations Or An All-Out Weld In Chassis Bracing Multipoint FIA Cage With Air-Jacks And A Fuel Cell. We Can Do It… And Have Done For 25 Years Winning Many Races And Championships Along The Way In Multiple Category’s.


Once The Design Has Been Decided Upon And The Car Is In Our Workshop, We Will Fill Your Car With Reference Point Stickers And Use Our 3D Scanners To Build A Perfect Computer Model Of The Inside Of Your Car.


Having A Millimetre Accurate, HiHigh-Resolutioncan Of The Car, We Are Then Able To Produce Your Bespoke Cage Within The Latest CAD Software With Millimetre Accurate Fitment. Our Highly Trained Mechanical Design Team Produce Work To A High Standard, While Meeting Design Requirements For Geometric Dimensioning, Tolerances And MSUK K-Section Motorsport Regulations, We Also Put All Our Designs Through Simulation To Ensure We Are Giving You Maximum Structural Rigidity, Safety And Weight Savings With In The Regulations.


Our Cage Foot Plates Are Laser Cut, CNC Bent And Are Designed To Be Contoured To Fit To The Bodywork Of The Car, Meaning There Are No Large Gaps To Fill With Weld. Furthermore, The Accuracy Of Our CNC Tube Notcher And Mandrel Bender Means That We Can Guarantee Consistency Between The Design And The Final Product: This Ensures Tight Fitment To The Bodywork In Many Places, Meaning We Can Stitch Weld Your Cage To The Bodywork To Increase Stiffness And Chassis Rigidity.

And With Many Things In Life, The Stiffer The Better.


Under Completion, The Cage Is Quality Checked And Signed Off To Be Collected And That Is Where Our Part Of Your Race Car Build Ends And Where Yours Carries On. Just Don’t Forget To Check Out Our Other Products While You’re Here!